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Terms & Conditions

Between: the   Business Representative   mentioned as   Chania Rentals | The Company   and   Renter   mentioned as:   Renter(s) | Guest(s) | Traveler(s)

Booking & Rates

  1. All prices listed include rent, electricity, and water & all advertised facilities.
  2. All prices concern the exact amount of people quoted (adults+children). Extra persons may carry additional charges, that are mentioned in the description page of each villa.
  3. A deposit of 20-40% of the total rental value is required upon booking to confirm a reservation. There are details in the villa description page.
  4. Although a security deposit is not required, it is understood by all Renters that in case of any substantial damage or item removal from the villas, Owner can claim materials, labor, or transportation costs or any other fees associated with damage restoration or services rendered.
  5. Owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the villa to Guests who have not fully paid their rental on time or to extra persons from suggested capacity, who arrive without pre-agreement with Chania Rentals or the Owner.
  6. Owner reserves the right to claim for an additional charge if more guests than those who are already quoted appear.


  1. Payments must be made in EURO. All amounts should be received net of bank charges.
  2. In case of credit card payment, the Renter will receive a confirmation of the payment from the bank, while he will have access to a page on Chania Rentals site with all the details of his booking. In the case of a wire transfer, the confirmation of payment will be sent the day the wire is deposited to the company bank accounts and not the day money is wired form renter’s bank accounts.
  3. An official receipt will be issued by the Owner and will be received on arrival.
  4. Owner is liable by Greek Law to register his vacation rental to the Tourist and Tax Authorities. Renters have to provide the relevant data (Passport or ID copy and permanent address).
  5. In case a credit card is not accepted by the Owner for a balance payment but the Renter wishes to pay by credit card through our site, a service fee of 2% of the amount will be charged.

Cancellation & Refund

  • A cancellation of booking is possible according to the policy of each villa, which is mentioned on the description page of the villa.
  • In case the villa becomes unavailable before or after booking confirmation, Chania Rentals will try to find the Renter a similar accommodation. If the Renter does not like any of the alternatives, they will receive a full refund.

Terms of Lease

  1. Final rental price includes rental for a specific period and number of guests, plus water, electricity, maid service as described, pool/garden maintenance, and all mentioned facilities.
  2. Villas will be clean and ready to use on check-in. If other services are included, these are clearly mentioned on the description page of the villa.
  3. In no circumstance may the Renter invite extra people without the prior consent of the Owner. In this case, the Owner reserves the right to refuse entry or claim an extra charge for extra persons.
  4. Renter may not extend their stay without prior approval.
  5. Events and gatherings such as lunches with external guests, parties, receptions, BBQs, or other one day/night social events for any other number of people than the ones agreed upon are not permitted unless otherwise agreed. Extra fees may apply for such events.
  6. Rental price includes cleaning and change of linen & towels for all properties as stated on the description page of the villa.
  7. Maid duties are to clean the house and change linen, not do guests’ laundry, ironing, or cooking. These services can be arranged locally.
  8. Linen provided is for in-house use only and not to be taken to the beach. Most villas offer pool towels for free.
  9. Supporting personnel (maid, gardener, pool maintenance people) will enter the property at pre-agreed times. Guests will be informed of those dates and times upon arrival.
  10. Main food supplies (groceries, meat, vegetables, etc.), alcoholic drinks, bottled water, or other supplies are not included in the price.
  11. Rental price does not include any transfers (person or luggage) to or from the property unless it is agreed with the Owner.
  12. Check-out time is 11:00 in the morning unless a late check-out is agreed with Chania Rentals or the Owner.
  13. Check-in time is 15:00 unless an early check-in is agreed with Chania Rentals or the Owner.
  14. It is not allowed to change the setting or decoration of the houses (including furniture and mattress placement) without the prior consent of the Owner. Inside furnishings stay inside and outside furnishings outside.
  15. Renter is liable for any damage or removal of items at the property, inside and outside, and is expected to inform the owner immediately.
  16. Depending on the policy of each house, pets are allowed only with prior consent and approval of the Owner.
  17. Guests are expected to respect neighbors. The Owner reserves the right to terminate the lease of a property without any reimbursement if official complaints are received for noise or drunken behavior.
  18. Neither Chania Rentals nor the Owner is responsible for accidents, injury, or death that take place on the property. By sending a deposit, the Renter agrees to these Terms of Lease and waives any future claims against Chania Rentals or the Owner for such events.
  19. Swimming pools should be used with caution and according to the pool rules of each villa. Guests are fully responsible for the use of the pool, so in case of an accident, injury, or death that takes place in or around the pool, by sending a deposit, Renters waive any future claim against Chania Rentals and the Owners.
  20. Renters are advised to have a medical plan that will cover any medical expenses in Greece. If any guest has a serious chronic condition, including severe allergies, they are obliged to inform Chania Rentals or the Owner in advance. Renters must bring ample supplies of the needed medications, as it may be difficult to find them on location.
  21. The Company has no control over noise levels around the property if the noise is within the legal times zone as defined by Greek Law.
  22. The Company reserves the right to end the leasing agreement immediately and choose to reimburse or not in case where property management has evidence or receives complaints for impeachment of Greek Law (illegal activities taking place within the villa).
  23. The Company reserves the right to end the leasing agreement immediately and choose to reimburse or not in case where they deem that the integrity of the property is in jeopardy due to neglect, misuse, or abuse.
  24. In case of unforeseen weather conditions, natural disaster, property damage, or other unexpected cases that make the villa unavailable, the Company reserves the right to cancel and refund a reservation in full or move the Renter to other similar accommodation with the Guest’s consent.
  25. In case of a cancellation due to external factors (as mentioned on #24), in no circumstance will the Company or the Owner be responsible for consequential damages of such a cancellation (ticket loss, extra charges, etc.), and no such claim(s) will be honored.
  26. In case of cancellation, the Company will make every effort to find alternative accommodation of similar value at the vacation destination. In that case, the Traveler has the right to choose the alternative property or reimbursement.
  27. Sending in a booking deposit automatically verifies the Renters' acceptance of the hereby Rental Terms.
  28. The present Terms apply IN ADDITION to any partner agents’ terms of business through which the booking was made, and in no case are they nullified by any specific agent's policy unless otherwise previously agreed. In case of Terms’ contradiction or dispute, the hereby listed Terms apply.
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